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-===== The Official Convention Photos ===== 
-{{images:construction.gif}}+===== Official convention photo =====
-**Note:** +{{cons:2005:con_2005b.png|The Con Photo}} 
-For security reasons, the Con photos and details can only be accessed by NPL members + 
-with a [[krewe:webhow#passwords|username and password]]{{images:pass_30x15.gif}}. You can get a password by e-mailing <treasurer@puzzlers.org>.+The Offical Con photo in larger size: 
 +  <li><a href="/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=secure:cons:2005:con_20045a.png">Large</a> [2966 x 2369 - 6.7MB] ]]</li> 
===== Other Resources ===== ===== Other Resources =====
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