Joining the League

Members of the League enjoy access to many web site resources including back issues of The Enigma and Graffiti on the Sphinx. Members may also have an email alias @puzzlers.org and access to the League's email lists, NPL-ANNOUNCE and NPL-FOLK.

Membership in the National Puzzlers' League is $23 per year. Membership includes a subscription to The ENIGMA (12 monthly issues). A large print edition is available in North America for an additional $7. Members outside North America, add $7 for international postage. If you would like to forego the printed Enigma, there is a $8 discount on membership.

Send your check or money order, in US dollars payable to the National Puzzlers' League, to the treasurer Mercury:

Joseph J. Adamski
2507 Almar St.
Jenison MI 49428

If you are willing to be contacted by email and/or by phone, please give your email address and phone number when you join.

You can also make memberships payments through PayPal. Include your home address in the message to vendor or a “ship to” box and we'll mail your subscription there. Click the appropriate link below

$23 Regular membership

$30 International Membership (includes $7 surcharge)

$30 Large Print Membership (includes $7 surcharge)

$15 Online Only Membership (reflects $8 discount)


The editor of the Enigma is Crax:

Craig Hamilton
1000 15th Ave.,
Redwood City, CA 94063

Help For New Members

Once you've sent off your first dues to the Treasurer@puzzlers.org, you're going to wonder how this all starts.

Fairly quickly, you'll receive your welcome package with the latest three issues of The Enigma. Each issue has a two month solving window, so you can verify your solutions to the puzzles in the oldest issue with the solutions appearing in the most recent issue. Many members send in their solutions, either from solo or team solving, and track their solving statistics. Instructions on how to send in your solutions are in every issue.

Then you should also set up your account on the website. Visit Website Access and Passwords for instructions on how to do that. You'll find more information there about how to subscribe to mailing lists and things, too.


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