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If you have any further questions after reading this brief run-down, please feel free to email the webmaster.

Website Access and Passwords

Access to some resources on our website (electronic versions of The Enigma, for example) is protected and generally marked as with this image: Members Only. To access these sections, you need a username and password. Your username is generally your nom, and you can choose your password or have the treasurer make one up for you.

New Members

Within the League, we generally use Noms rather than names. When you are choosing a nom, you should check with the whether it is available, or not.

Many new members use their name for a while, and choose a nom later. Once your nom is chosen, create a new website account and request the remove a previous account and grant access to the new one.

To obtain a username and password:

  1. Create a New login for yourself:
    1. Press the “login” button in the top or bottom green band of a page.
    2. In the Login screen, click on the “Register” in the form (It's just below the box).
    3. Enter your data to create a new user account on the website. You can enter your nom into both the Username and Full Fame boxes, or you can enter your real name in the Full Name box.
  2. Send an email to and request activiation of your user account. He will set your account to be allowed into the private areas of the site.

As long as your dues are upto date, you should get a reply back within a day or so that your account is now active and you can access the Members Only area Membership and Password required.

Current Members

You can use the [Profile] button to change your password. This button is only shown after you have logged in.

If you've forgotten your password, send email to requesting a password reset. For security reasons, you will be assigned a temporary password and should change it to something you will remember using our [Profile] button.

Note: that having a user name and password does not grant you access to The Members Only Area. Your membership with the league must also upto date. If you can login but can not access The Members Only Area, send email to for more information.

Other Password Info

Please note that due to the limitations of the password protection, cannot tell you what your password is, only add or change it. You will receive an email confirmation from from when the change or addition is finished. Whenever possible, confirmation emails are sent to your email alias (see below).

If you adopt a nom or wish to change your user ID, you will need to:

  • create a new account for your new Nom.
  • email a request to asking him to remove your old account and activate the new one.

In general, no longer creates OR removes user accounts from the web site. This is because does not know when your membership is paid or lapses. Passwords may be reset and reviewed for access, but expect a note directing you to on most things. Email Aliases

Through the website, the NPL provides its users the benefit of an email alias, It can be set to forward email to any email address you choose. Note that this is not an email account - you don't receive any email at, and you cannot use the website to check your email - the alias is just a “forwarding address” that you can always give out, that will remain constant if your actual email address changes.

To request a email address, you can use our request form Members only or send email to the postmaster. Please include your nom and specify the email address to which the alias should forward. The alias address will be, with your-nom replaced by your actual nom. The postmaster will send you an email when the change is completed.

A list of all the current email aliases Members only for NPL members and officers is available to members.

NPL mailing lists

There are several active mailing lists available to NPL members (all

  • npl-folk is a general discussion list for matters NPL- and puzzle-related (and sometimes a little off-topic).
  • npl-announce is a low-traffic list, on which appear only more important general announcements, such as information about the convention, errata for The Enigma, anouncement of posting the electronic version of The Enigma, etc.
    • If you are subscribed to npl-folk, you will automatically receive all email sent to npl-announce. You only need to subscribe to npl-announce if you are not going to subscribe to npl-folk.

The webmaster does not maintain, control or manage the mailing lists; they are maintained by the Postmaster. To subscribe, send mail to the corresponding address:


Make the subject SUBSCRIBE and, in the body, put your nom and where you'd like the email to go (Most people send it to their alias).

The Enigma available online

The current issue of The Enigma is available to membersMembers only. It is in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) form, which is readable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader program on any kind of computer (see below for more information on Acrobat and PDF).

An online index of The EnigmaMembers Only gives members access to back issues. These files are available in a simple grid that allows for easy downloading.

Note that this is merely a printable version of The Enigma available online, it is not interactive or searchable. To print it two-sided to match the hard-copy Enigma may require a little trial and error. How to do it seems to depend on your computer and printer. One simple work-around is to print it one-sided, cut all the pages in half, put them in order, and staple.

If you have questions about The Enigma, please see the Where To Send It page of The Guide To The Enigma to determine who you should ask.

Adobe Acrobat Reader software

The editor uses the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to produce the electronic version of The Enigma. To view this format you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, available for most operating systems, on your computer. The software is available from

Graffiti on the Sphinx (GotS) available online

NPL member Treesong makes his Graffiti on the Sphinx newsletter, a monthly publication of member comments about The Enigma and other puzzles and other topics, available online each month. It is available in HTML format (readable in any web browser) and Rich Text Format (RTF) which can be read in almost all word processing programs.

Back issues are stored in the same manner as The EnigmaMembers only with current and prior issues available for download.

If you have questions about GotS, please send email to Treesong.

Other Internet Options

  • There is a mailing list for New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area krewe that's set up through Yahoo! Groups. It's called nynjaNPL, for “New York, New Jersey Area NPL,” but we've got Nutmeggers, of course, and Pennsylvanians, and some Beantowners. Just visit Yahoo! Groups and search NPL or use this:

    “The purpose of the group is to allow members to communicate about local events, puzzle parties, Enigma-solving, etc. Membership is restricted to members of the NPL.”

  • The Boston-area krewe have an e-mail list as well, known as “hub-krewe”. To be added, ask one of us.
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