The NPL Board

Jeffurry (Jeffrey L. Schwartz) (he/him) is the President of the NPL. He lives in New York and enjoys travel, genealogy, and game shows.

yodaughter (Alison Muratore) (she/her) is First Vice President. She lives in her beloved hometown of Houston, TX, and has very strong feelings surrounding actual barbecue and margaritas. You can often find her singing to herself, snuggling her cat, or fleeing the United States for interesting foreign shores.

B-Side (Ben Smith) (he/him) is Second Vice President. He lives in the Boston area and enjoys cooking/baking in his spare time, when he’s not solving puzzles. He dislikes both pina coladas AND getting caught in the rain.

Expelliarmus (Arielle Arizpe) (she/her) is Secretary. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Bonus, and two so-far nomless sons. She likes everything. All the things. But most especially food and crafting and gardening and some people.

$8.90 (Katie Hamill) (she/her) is the Treasurer. She lives in the Boston area with her daughter, according to whom she still manages to be cool despite knowing a legitimately terrifying number of show tunes.

WILLz (Will Shortz) (he/him) is Historian. He lives in Pleasantville, NY, and has been an NPL member since 1972. He has all but 79 issues of The Enigma dating back to the 1800s. In his non-NPL life he is the crossword editor of The New York Times.

Btnirn (Sandy Kutin) (he/him), the Editor, lives in Princeton, NJ. When he's not editing puzzles, Btnirn enjoys... not editing puzzles. (Also playing board games, and spending time with his wife and three daughters.)