National Puzzlers' League Code of Conduct

The National Puzzlers' League has gathered to celebrate and enjoy puzzling for over a century. When we meet and share puzzles with each other, we need some boundaries that make sure everyone has a good time. The NPL Code of Conduct exists to define what behavior members should exhibit toward each other and toward non-members in our conventions, online forums, publications, and other interactions, and the consequences if that behavior is in violation of this code. Please read this policy and understand how it applies to you.

When interacting with other members, keep in mind these standards for participation:

  • Respect Diversity: Not everyone in the NPL is the same. We vary widely by age, race, gender presentation, sexual orientation, body size, ability, style of dress, personality type, beliefs, and many other factors. When interacting with people, respect their uniqueness. Don't say or do anything sexist, racist, ageist, homophobic, ableist, or similarly demeaning. Be inclusive toward everyone here.
  • Don't Invade Personal Space: Whether in a mixer, a Con photo, or similar situation, we're often in close proximity with many other people. Give people space and don't touch, hug, or kiss them if they haven't agreed. Respect people who say they're in private conversations. Don't sexually harass or denigrate people, whether in physical, verbal, or online settings. Avoid violence and unwelcome contact in all interactions.
  • Co-Solving Is Not Consent: The NPL presents attendees with many opportunities to interact outside of large groups as well. During activities such as walkarounds, pair solving, and scavenger hunts, being alone with another person means being careful not to steer the activity into unwanted or uncomfortable interactions. People join this organization to enjoy the company and creativity of other Krewe; do not abuse this privilege.
  • Choose Your Words Carefully: We're clever people, so we see things a bit differently. When making puzzles, playing charades, posting in forums, or any other creative outlet, be wary of concepts, wordplay, and language that demean or insult people on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or similar category. Even in places like the Underground Enigma, these rules still apply. You can be clever in other ways.
  • Obey the Rules: We get that people here are iconoclasts. That's no excuse to break rules, whether from the organization, the Con, the hotel, or the law. Don't bring illegal drugs to our events. Don't cheat or steal anything. Don't trespass or damage property. Don't claim other people's creations as your own. Be circumspect around children. Treat the facilities and those inside it with the respect you think you deserve. Be a good Krewe member.

If at any time a person makes you feel unsafe, demeaned, or harmed by possible violations of these rules, try addressing it with them if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, or if that doesn't work, you can report the unwelcome behavior to any member of the Code of Conduct Committee, a Board-appointed group that hears and responds to allegations of violations, or by emailing . The Committee may then investigate the allegation. These are sensitive matters, so the Committee may investigate and administer corrective action confidentially. Committee members will recuse themselves if they have conflicts of interest. Although any action that is interpreted as being disrespectful, distracting, or disorderly can be disturbing to others, it may not constitute disruptive or safety-imperiling behavior described by this policy, and may not merit corrective action. Each allegation must be looked at objectively with respect to severity, repetitiveness, and impact on the individual and/or community in determining whether the act violated this policy.

Those who are found to have violated the above rules are subject to the decisions of the Committee. Possible consequences for these violations can include removal from an event, from a convention, or from the organization entirely. If such violation rises to potentially criminal level, the Committee may bring in law enforcement or other authorities. We hope this never happens, but if it does, the NPL's goal is to make sure people are safe and free of harassment. We very much appreciate you helping us make that a reality.

The current members of the Code of Conduct Committee along with contact information for them may be found on the committee's page.

Read how to report an incident here

Approved by Membership Vote November 2018. Last revised April 2019. Committee contact information added May 2019. The Code of Conduct may be amended by the Board of Trustees.